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About cloudy/co llc

cloudy/co is the home for David Huyck‘s illustration and design work. I am a freelance illustrator, cartoonist, designer, and artist with over a decade of professional experience, including editorial illustration, spot illustration, cartooning, character design, apparel and product design, poster design, website design and programming, typeface design and lettering, logomarks, animation and more. What it comes down to is that I just love to draw and make stuff for people just like you.

My work has appeared in the Communication Arts Illustration Annual, the HOW International Design Annual, and the Print Regional Design Annual, and I have sold some work at the Whitney Museum in New York. I am also a contributor to the wonderful illustration blog, Drawn!

Please let me know if there is anything I can draw for you, too! You can contact me via email, phone, on twitter, or with two tin cans and a string, if you would like to regress to your childhood with me.

If you’re a masochist and you love RSS feeds, you can also subscribe to my MEGA FEED and follow my every move online from the comfort of your home, office, or right outside my studio window from your web-enabled cell phone. Creepy.

And for those of you still curious, you can read more about me.

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hello AT cloudyco DOT com

huyckd: A mix of personal and professional.
cloudyco: Official cloudy/co stuff.
skyphotos: For the EnchantedCeiling project.

Phone: (work inquiries only, please)
208 – 301 – 4374

Mail mail:
David Huyck
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PO Box 9958
Moscow, ID 83843

You can also find me at these other fine internet establishments:
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Tumblr: Passing Clouds
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Cloudy Collection

cloudy/co is also the parent company to The Cloudy Collection, a collaborative project I started in 2009 to create limited edition prints with artists whose work I love. Editions are released quarterly, and they sell for recession-sensitive prices. You can get a lot of art for not a lot of money!

Cloudy Collection: Collaborative Quarterly Editions


CloudyCloudy is the home for my “fine art” endeavors. I draw and paint, make prints, create soft sculpture (plush toys!), and make wood objects and assemblies. I also love to create installations using those works, usually built on a narrative of some kind. I am currently on the faculty of Washington State University‘s Department of Art in Pullman, WA.

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I started the EnchantedCeiling project in 2003 as an experiment in community-building websites. The site asks visitors to contribute photos of the sky from anywhere around the world. I’m constantly humbled and amazed by the response and participation on the site. Currently there are over 500 contributors sharing over 5,000 photos everywhere from Singapore to Israel to Austria, Spain, England, and all over the United States. Add your photos! And you can follow the project on Twitter.