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That One Spooky Night!

I’ve wanted to make children’s books for a long (LONG!) time, and finally, after a lot of hard work and a lot of late nights and a lot of waiting, the first book I’ve illustrated for children is coming to bookstores all over the place in just over a week! I’m thrilled and excited and over the moon, and any other superlatives you can come up with would definitely fit my mood.

That One Spooky Night is an 80-page graphic novel for gradeshoolers, with three related stories that all happen one Halloween night in the same spooky town. These pages are filled with color, a great story by writer and storyteller, Dan Bar-el, and over 300 panels of comicky goodness.

I’ve put together a tiny little website to help everyone get excited about the book, including a trailer that I animated in my *ahem* spare time that I don’t have.

Check out the trailer, and then if you’re so inclined, order a copy of the book, signed, and possibly with an exclusive letterpress print, from my new shop after September 1st. Oh, and if you live in the inland northwest, come out to Moscow, Idaho’s, Book People for our launch party, where you can see me do drawing demos, help me spell your name correctly in your copy of the book, and other fun stuff like that.