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Robots and Monsters

Robots and Monsters is a unique outfit that pairs charitable fund-raising with custom commissions of cartoons by a bunch of great artists. I’ve been honored to contribute what has become quite a stack of drawings to the project, created by Joe Alterio.

The artist (me, in the cases below) is given three words chosen by the buyer, as well as a designation of “robot” or “monster.” Beyond those hints, the final image is up to me to complete. I’ve had a lot of fun with the project, and it is satisfying to know the work helps out great causes like Doctors Without Borders and

Monster: vivacious, bipolar, terrier

Robot: Two sheds, klit, gassy

Monster: tiny, elephant, durian

Monster: soared, gored, longboard (sword, gourd, long-bored)

Robot: smug, conservative, fanciful

Monster: sleepy, infiltrate, princess

Monster: shark vs. marine biologist-turned-lawyer

Robot: sexy, vengeful, antimatter

Robot: retro-futuristic, rusty, DESTROY

Robot: radioactive, conscientious, elegant

Monster: poodle, vampire, fluffy

Monster: planets, fun, eyeballs

Monster: petite, red-haired, observant

Monster: mermaid, bathroom, orange

Robot: London, rowing, humor

Robot: elephant, clumsy, lightbulb

Robot: clockwork, owl, adorable

Monster: blind, turtle, worldly