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biodieselSMARTER US Map

Client: biodieselSMARTER

Biodiesel used to be this incredibly rare niche industry where self-motivated individuals would go to their local greasy spoon to beg for used french fry oil to pour into their modified cars. I remember seeing something about it on 3-2-1 Contact as a kid. [it turns out it was corn ethanol on the show!]

Now there are hundreds of fueling stations that serve biodiesel alongside traditional gasoline. The periodical biodieselSMARTER asked me to create a map showing every known station that serves 99% or higher biodiesel (B99 or B100) in the United States, along with some facts and stories about the industry in general. The result is this special edition of the magazine that consists solely of the wall-sized 34″x22″ map.