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Get Out!


Oops, I’ve been negligent in my duties! If you are in the Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham area this weekend, be sure to check out the Infinite Folio at Fort Grunt. Lou Joseph organized 8 of us to create a pool of images based on clouds and smoke, and then we all remixed the images to create a series of digital collages. They will be projected in a continuous stream throughout the exhibition. This weekend is the Durham Art Council’s biannual Art Walk, so they will be open today from 10am-6pm, and tomorrow from 1pm-5pm. Here is the list of players:

Micah Bornstein (Chicago, IL)
Grayson Cox (Brooklyn, NY)
Ben Fisher (Durham, NC)
Jerome Grand (Chicago, IL)
David Huyck (St. Paul, MN)
Lou Joseph (Durham, NC)
Mario Marzan (Chapel Hill, NC)
Mark Rice (Bloomington, IN)


Concentration City, 2007

ALSO! If you are in the Twin Cities this evening, be sure to head over to Franklin Art Works to see my friend Nicola López’s installation, Constriction Zone. The reception runs from 6-8pm, and admission is free. Her HUGE installations of woodblock prints are pretty amazing– even the MoMA thinks so, so they bought one. How cool is that?